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At Thiele Chiropractic Life Center, Dr. Steven Thiele has helped many Manchester, Glastonbury, Vernon and East Hartford, Connecticut who suffered from a bulging disc. Widely respected for his expertise in bulging discs, Dr. Thiele his honored to be recommended by lots of the patients he sees.

Bulging Disc Q & A

What exactly is a disc in the spine?

Spinal discs are layers of cartilage that are located in between the spine’s vertebrae. They act as cushions for the vertebrae. Discs are composed of two layers of cartilage: a tougher, outer layer that encases a softer, inner layer.

What is the difference between herniated discs and bulging discs?

A herniated disc is a disc that has a crack in its outer layer of cartilage. The soft, inner layer of cartilage is able to seep through this crack and protrude out of the disc. Herniated discs are often painful. Herniated discs are also known as slipped or ruptured discs.

A bulging disc is a disc that bulges out of the space it normally occupies. The layer that protrudes, however, is the outer, tough cartilage. In a bulging disc, this layer isn’t cracked, so the inner, soft layer doesn’t seep out. Bulging discs are more common than herniated discs, but bulging discs usually aren’t painful.

What treatments are available for a bulging disc?

There are several ways to treat a bulging disc. In many cases, patients simply need to avoid lifting heavy items, rest for a little while, and make lifestyle changes, such as losing weight. When these basic treatments aren’t enough, a health care provider might recommend:

  • stretches that increase the spine’s flexibility
  • specific exercises
  • chiropractic treatment
  • spinal decompression therapy

In severe cases, patients may need an epidural steroid injection, pain medication, or surgical procedure. Most of the time, however, the more conservative and natural treatments mentioned above are effective.

Who provides treatments for bulging discs?

Patients who need an epidural steroid, prescription medication, or surgery should see a medical doctor for treatment. Patients who want to explore the less invasive treatments that are available may want to go to a chiropractor. While medical doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists are all able to recommend lifestyle changes, stretches, and exercises, chiropractic treatments, and spinal decompression therapy are usually performed by a chiropractor.


Words from our patients

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    I was having having a problem with low blood pressure during my pregnancy and Dr. Thiele has been keeping it under control and I thank him for that!"

    Alisa C.
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    As long as I maintain the correction he has made in my spine i am pain free and functioning at my best. Thank you Dr. Thiele!

    Justin R.
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    His office is first class, the staff are absolutely delightful and I feel blessed that I was able to find a Chiropractor and office staff so able and caring.

    Gary S.
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    He give his very best to each and every patient. I would send all of my family members and dearest friends to him without reservation!

    Justin M.
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    Dr. Thiele is more than a chiropractor . His personal one on one care also involves the health and wellness of your entire being.

    Kera A.
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    " I've had to see other chiropractors when I've been too far away from Manchester, and no one gives me the level of care like Dr. Steve."

    Jennifer S.
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    "I've noticed a huge difference in my ability to move. I can finally sleep at night! Dr.Thiele and and his staff are very professional and amazing at what they do!"

    Orest M.
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    "I have had more energy since attending Dr. Thiele's practice, allowing me to better take care of my own patients!"

    Farnoush G.
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