Dr. Steven Thiele provides Manchester, Connecticut, and the surrounding area, with chiropractic services including headache relief through natural means.


Headaches Q & A

What Triggers a Headache?

This varies from patient to patient. Sometimes, it’ s caused by stress, sleep deprivation, a nutritional deficiency, or another underlying condition. Dr. Thiele has the ability to determine the cause and assist the patient in seeking relief.

Will Dr. Thiele Be Able to Tell What Causes the Headaches?

In most cases, the doctor will be able to determine what type of headache, which can assist in treating the underlying cause. For instance, a patient who describes the pain as a constant, achy, or dull feeling on one or both sides of the head usually has a tension headache. It tends to form around the head or behind the eyes and begins slowly. It may last for a few minutes or several days and is usually the result of poor posture or stress.

Migraines are more intense and cause throbbing pain, sometimes accompanied by a sensitivity to light or nausea. They last for a few hours or days. It’s not 100 percent known what causes all migraines, but Dr. Thiele has the ability to realign the spine and decrease the occurrence of them.

Will Dr. Thiele Prescribe Medication for the Pain?

Dr. Thiele doesn’t just mask the pain by prescribing a pain relief medication. His approach goes deeper and treats the headache at the root of the problem.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat a Headache?

Although a chiropractor doesn’t seem like the correct doctor to treat recurring headaches, he utilizes spinal manipulation to improve spinal function and also to reduce the amount of stress on the system, which improves headaches. He’ll also recommend lifestyle changes, such as diet modification and an exercise regimen, in order to improve a patient’s overall health and ultimately reduce the prevalence of headaches.

Does Dr. Thiele Suggest Any Type of Care That Is Able to Be Used at Home?

The doctor will educate patients on lifestyle changes to improve their condition. He will also educate patients on ways to change their posture and ultimately reduce the presence of headaches.